OGATA Inc. was established as a brand in 1998 with Kinichi Ogata, furniture and interior designer as principle.


    With its studio in a forest at the foot of Mt. Izumigadake in a suburb of Sendai City, OGATA is engaged in a broad range of creative activities, which include the design and production of its original furniture, store design, interior/exterior design of hospitals and other buildings, supervision of large-scale retail stores, renovation, design and construction of residential buildings, and lectures.


    All OGATA’s original furniture is made in-house, with materials which return to and merge with nature, such as wood, steel, iron and leather. While giving each work a story, OGATA is committed to the creation of furniture and other works which cultivate people’s awareness and overturn stereotype ideas through the experience of touch. With utilitarian and innovative design that constantly pursues originality, together with uncompromisingly intricate machining dedicated to the perfection of detail, the works of OGATA are highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally for their high-level of finish and craftsmanship.


    Main works include; design and construction of retail stores for the fashion brand SOSU MIHARAYASUHIRO (presently MIHARAYASUHIRO) including its first Japanese and overseas exclusive stores in Minami-Aoyama (later moved to Omotesando), Tokyo, and Hong Kong (1998 - 2007), and the café Notre Chambre in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. The Original furniture includes BEAN STOOL and BOX STOOL. Both were selected for and exhibited at the TREND exhibition space of Maison&Objet, an international trade show in Paris, 2009.


    Despite today’s saturation with ‘designed’ objects, OGATA continues to create highly original works, which will be cherished and passed onto the next generation.

  • Corporate Outline


    Qualified architect, registration number : 12Y20147 registered by the Governor of Miyagi

    Qualified builder, registration number : 17325 registered by the Governor of Miyagi

    Date Established :25th Feb, 1998

    Address:13-2 Aza Shimokusari Fukuoka Izumi Sendai Miyagi, 981-3225, Japan

    Main Bank 77BANK

    No. of employees / 9

    President & Representative Director : Kin-ichi Ogata

    Director : Hisashi Ogata


    Business Description
    Original furniture design and construction
    Furniture made to order
    Shops/ Homes design, construction and refurbishment
    Graphic design
    Personal environmental design
    Product design


    Our original furniture is also available
    ZERO FIRST DESIGN,Daikannyama,Tokyo.


    Address:13-2 Aza Shimokusari Fukuoka Izumi Sendai Miyagi, 981-3225, Japan

    Tel: +81-22-348-2570 / Fax: +81-22-348-2560

    URL : www.ogata-japan.com